jungle_jim_69: Loved this photoshoot (Interested: Whistle)
Monkey ([personal profile] jungle_jim_69) wrote2016-12-18 07:23 pm

Jungle Fuck

Yuri has no idea what's coming.

If he hears the pitter patter of feet, then he's delusional. Monkey's steps are too soft-- too gentle and creeping to be heard by a mere child. He's quick and he's quiet and all it really takes is a good hard rock and an advantage of height to kill the minotaur with one swift blow to his skull. The temples are soft on any animal.

Monkey crawls on hands and feet toward Yuri, sitting in front of him with a curious gaze. He doesn't say anything, and he doubts the beautiful blonde fairy expects him to. But eventually the silence has to give way.

He starts with a gentle laugh.

"My boy, why, ain't ya gotcha self in some trouble now, haven't yas? D'ya need some help, my sweet, sugar child? Thinkin' here and you lookin' real good all tight there, hugh. Love seein' sweet pink human boys to come out 'n play in my jungle. Might keep ya for myself, oooh."

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